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Palantir Likely Partners With Microsoft

TDLR: pltr go up bc microsoft mega big

On Palantir’s linkden, they have a job opening called “Manager, Global Microsoft Alliance.” This is huge because from the job description, it seems as if pltr will be able to sell their different-platforms to microsoft customers with the added benefit of Microsoft saying how good they are. Just the fact that microsoft is looking to partner with pltr means that not even they can do what pltr does. Thats a pretty big statement coming from the largest software company in the world. With most of the fortune 500 companies using microsoft cloud, i think it only a matter of time before pltr starts reeling in regular contract through this partnership.

Quite from job post, “You will define and implement business development strategies with Microsoft across the entire range of Palantir products and services while at times focusing on specific Industry vertical and very specific market sector. You’ll define the solution strategy, build cross-functional teams, foster critical relationships with the partner ecosystems and showcase Palantir’s technology to Microsoft sellers and their strategic enterprise customers. Additionally, you’ll partner with Product, Legal, Compliance and Enablement teams to ensure success of the channel and will work to leverage your experience to transform large organizations with Palantir Technologies. Join us as we lead the democratization of data to solve our customer’s hardest problems!”

What really gets me there is that whoever gets this role will be showcasing pltr products to not only microsoft, but Microsoft’s customers as well. This can only mean that pltr will probably shit itself especially if this news is announced. Great buying opportunity rn after the cathy wood sell off scare even tho she sold less than three percent of her holdings in pltr. Basically buy shares or furthest out expy any strike or probably dont listen to me bc pltr will go down on most all good news.

Position: 1.3k shares @ 23.83 in morgan stanely, 193 7/9 25C in robinhood @.66 currently down 43%. I would try to give picture proof but i cant get it to work. Ill do a sep post of my loss porn on these calls jf that happens.

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