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Palantir’s fundamentals are getting better every quarter and the management is continuing to disprove the bearish concerns.

I know that some of you retards might be worried, cuz PLTR's currently down premarket and I believe that main reason for that is the fact the revenue growth is up "only" 36 percent compared to last 2 quarters of 49. However, due to the structure of its business, it is extremely hard for PLTR to show vast improvements in revenue on QoQ basis. Their contracts are spread our over many years and sometimes not even a cent from the potential revenue from deals signed in the current quarter is being accounted for in their most recent financial reports. When evaluating a company like PLTR on QoQ basis, there are numerous metrics that are more important than simply revenue growth and as It turns out they are doing amazing and their fundamentals are constantly improving.

First of all, their revenue from the government segment is up more than 30 percent YoY, while some analyst were even predicting that it would rapidly deaccelarate. They signed some major deals this quarter and confirmed that they were chosen as the sole provider for the army's 823m contract.

When it comes to commercial growth, the numbers look even better. They managed to acquire a record breaking 32 new net commercial customers in this quarter, compared to 20 in the previous(see rev.growth is not everything). Their U.S commercial revenue was up 104 percent, compared to 90 in q3, their international commercial revenue also grew and their total commercial outstanding deal value is up 101 percent on YoY basis. They also again announced some mojor new customers by name and one of them was Kinder Morgan. Remember that commercial growth and scalability of their software is the main concern that WS analyst express about PLTR.

Finally, let's take a look at some financial metrics that WSB mainly does not care about, but WS does. Their FCF is constantly improving even on a quarterly basis and YoY is up by some insane percentage, I believe it was over 800. Their operating expenses are down 40 percent for the quarter and their operating margins continue to increase. They also raised their guidance for the next quarter and expect their average revenue per customer to became even bigger in the future.

PS: This is not an investment advice, obviously. I am a PLTR bull, but even I think that 40 percent YoY growth might be a bit slow for a company as generously valued as PLTR, but anyways most PLTR investors are beting on the fact that the company will sustain this levels for many years and even improve on them. If you want big results right now, it is probably better to look elsewhere.

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