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“Please Clap” Moment: Biden Calls Coast Guard Cadets 'Dull Class' Over Lack Of Applause

“Please Clap” Moment: Biden Calls Coast Guard Cadets ‘Dull Class’ Over Lack Of Applause

President Biden – not satisfied indoctrinating the US military with Critical Race Theory and scouring their social media accounts for ‘extremist content’ – is now directly insulting Americans in uniform with a “please clap” moment.

During a Wednesday commencement address for 2021 Coast Guard cadets, Biden was peeved at the lack of applause – calling them a “dull class.

“You are a really dull class. Come on, man. Is the sun getting to you? I would think you’d have an opportunity when I say that about the Navy to clap — to be here together …”


At least he didn’t call them “stupid bastards” this time.

Not exactly winning hearts and minds, are we…

We’re sure the MSM will cover this as viciously as they did the fabricated Trump WWI ‘losers’ story.

Tyler Durden
Wed, 05/19/2021 – 12:49

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