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Please don’t YOLO funds that aren’t yours

Right off the bat, I am not one of you but a hedgie (not affected by yall).

I am regardless happy for all of you who made it. Genuinely.

For all of you who lost – you guys know what you were doing.

BUT this is for those who use funds that aren’t owned by themselves like the guy who blew away his child’s college fund.

Don’t be a fuckwit. Gamble away only on your own funds. Don’t rope others into potentially disastrous situations that nobody can afford and royally fuck them over.

And my recommendation is applicable to all: it is extremely hard to walk away when you’re winning. But markets are all about timing. Be open-minded, flexible, and composed mentally and emotionally. The goal is to make money, not lose it all.

Just please take care of yourselves financially.

and that’s it

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