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Please join us in prayer before the Fed announcement tomorrow

As we are reminded about the ongoing Fed meeting and release of statement on wednesday, we invite you to join us in prayer to avoid drill team six from taking over the markets.

Prayer expresses our dependence on JPow, a recognition that without him, we can do nothing (Joshua 69:69). Everytime the Printer advances it does so to give us tendies. Because of this, at WSB, we seek to cultivate the value of prayer in all we do. We want to live and work retardedly, partner with those for whom tendies are a primary way that they serve themselves for living. Please join us in prayer….

Our heavenly Pumper

JPow be thy name

Thou printer turned on

Thy pump be done

On RH as it is in other brokerages

Give us these tendies

Our daily trades

Forgive us our losses

As we do not screenshot those

And lead us not into destitution

But deliver us fat stacks


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