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PLTR DD APES ONLY (69+ hours research) BUY NOW

Here's some DD for you Apes. I know most of you just go on here to check which stock to yolo without any DD, but I've been researching which stocks to hold long term, and some stocks to put my money on in hopes of a quick jumps. Palantir (PLTR) is the best stock that's both good for immediete but also long term, its going to be the new Tesla Stock of 2021.

Here's some solid DD to believe that it's about to jump again very soon. Do your own DD and don't just trust a random post, but here you go*:

TLDR: How do I know forsure it's going to moon?

-This company is literally Stark Industries before it even started and Alex Karp is Tony Stark's Father and in a few years is about to pass down his company to his soon to the next DETRIMENTALLY AUSISTIC GENIUS PLAYBOY PHILATHROPIST resurrected body of Ironman in the flesh who will soon bypass Elon Musk and surpass us all on all types of WSB autism levels.

  • Think about it, It's
  1. a Meme stock that's extremely popular on WSB, but actually has a sustainable model unlike some unnamed companies that aren't growing expontentially every 3 years.
  2. Working with the US government and getting new contracts every month (Google it tards)
  3. and literally hasn't rocketed to outrageous levels like GME and AMC.
  4. It's literally only 250% more than it's lows in the past 3 years, unlike GME and AMC which are 6300% and 2950% higher than the lows respectively.
  5. There's atleast 1000% to climb within the next 2 years, and likely more.

The high was literally 45 in February and will easily reach that again and only keep climbing you PLTR-tards .

  • In addition, it currently has high Open Interest and low IV.* Get in before the WS B-tards spike the stock up so high that you don't want to get in anymore (even though it's gonna moon and you'll regret not getting in anyways). Knowing you APES you'll probably wait til it climbs to 40 in a few weeks and then get in then instead of listening to this solid DD and doing some damn research yourself and buying it sub 30's.
  • Alex Karp is literally more autistic than Elon Musk himself. Watch his videos and be convinced. He will autistically take this company to the moon (literally) with his Future Space Weapon Industry technology. Google his Ironman suit you damn retards.

My prediction is that the current 46B Market Cap will go to 460 Billion in 3-5 years. Thats a 10x gain. Remember TSLA had a 46B Market CAP in 2018 and look where they are now you tards.

-Palantir is going to the moon you apes, it's only a matter of time. So get in before it happens, and when it hits Half a Trillion Market cap in 5 years you won't regret it and you can give me a freaking silver on Reddit (Thank you very much apes).

Heck even Google PLTR and see how many articles came out in the last 10 hours – Guy Adami just picked Palantir as his pick on Fast Money today, even CNBC has been showing it as a watchstock – It's time for PLTR to finally moon.

Here's some real DD below to prove that I'm not just some Ape making up crap to convince you to buy shit you don't need.

What does PLTR even do besides attract the government and WSB-tards?

  • PLTR is a modular system which gives companies the ability to connect with each other effortlessly, creating an interconnected community of data. It just released a demo of one of it's most effecient softwares, Foundry, which demonstrates the ability to create problem solving softwares and analyzing structures in sectors like business, production, healthcare, robotics, etc. It even includes the ability to work with softwares with companies that aren't specifically using Foundry. PLTR visualizes abstract data for all businesses to easily analyze and efficiently organize/structure their systems.

In a previous post ethanplee gives his DD from 2 days ago calling us to rally – I don't really care for a day rally, but I'd love if people were convinced in this extremely solid company so when PLTR goes to a trillion they can thank this no name Reddit Account and I can soon be DeepF'nValve.

Palantir’s revenue for the quarter rose to $341 million from $229. That's a 150% increase. Now imagine if the revenue is increasing by 50% every earnings report. It'll be at freaking 10 billion by three years -which would easily justify a Trillion Dollar Market Cap, much less 480Bil

Two weeks ago, Palantir Technologies Inc. said it has been selected by the U.S. Special Operations Command to continue its work as their enterprise data management and AI-enabled mission command platform as part of the Mission Command System/Common Operational Picture program. The company said the contract is valued at a total of $111 million, inclusive of options, with $52.5 million executed upon award. If you do your DD, you'll realize they get these contracts every month or so, and it's nothing new. The government is literally giving them 100 million dollar contracts all the time for their A-I data and shit.

Even today (6/15), 4 reports came out in the past 2 hours about PLTR, one being that they just got a new patent for mapping geotagged data. WTF is GEOTAGGED DATA you ask? It literally puts physical geophraphics in a system that's smaller than your thumb. Think of the scene in Dark Knight where Batman has wallhacks, yeah that's not a good explanatio, but it's just as cool as it. They even have a program called GOTHAM – so clearly Stark Industries is combining with Batman.

Heck MFool just put out an article on it two hours ago. Now who the hell on WSB respects M Fool? No one. But alteast you know this company not only has meme potential but also long term potential.

Literally Cathie Woods bought millions of PLTR at 30, and 25, respectively, even when it hit 22 she bought even more. Checkout the ARK Invest holdings. Screw Cathie Woods for not buying memestocks but she literally believes in this company beyond belief. If you don't believe go watch this YT video but we already know no one is gonna watch that shit. If respected institutions and funds are buying at $30, why would you not believe in this stock both short and long term.

They even have a WSB board for it, which unlike WISH which you apes have been pushing the last few weeks, it has 20x the amount of people on theirs – now go join you douche tards.

If you made it to the bottom of this DD, and you still don't buy – you're either an idiot, or you are never going to be the hero WSB tard that we all dream to be and you'll never achieve anything in your sad life sitting on your 6% gains per year while we can ride our PLTR rocket to the moon throughout the next 3-5 years.


3762 shares at $20-25 (Cost Basis 24.47)

200x $30 calls 8/20/21

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