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PLTR has come up in this subreddit a lot in the past and people have been burned on it as well. I've lost thousands on PLTR but i'm still holding because the company is beyond incredible. One of the biggest questions i've seen that nobody truly understands is "What is Palantir? What do they do?", so let me attempt to explain wtf they do… Precursor, this isn't an in-depth analyses of PLTR fundamentals and financials. If you want to look at their fundamentals you can check some other dd like this one. It's about a month old, but it's still incredibly relevant now. This post is meant to address the general question of what PLTR is as a company, what they do, and bring some general attention to the interesting options volume this week.

This is not financial advice. Do your own research!!! The more research i did in PLTR the more bullish i became.


– PLTR visualizes abstract data in a meaningful way for any business to easily analyze and efficiently run their business.

– PLTR is a modular system that allows for companies to connect with each other seemlessly creating an interconnected community for data to travel which will create waves in how business is conducted.

– PLTR is an engineering master piece that is incredibly unique. For anyone to compete with them will be difficult to put it lightly.

– PLTR has been sleeping for a while, it's ready for a rally if we can get enough attention due to high Open Interest and low IV.

Karp is a Giga Chad

What is Palantir?

"Palantir is a platform for data analytics and ai", I've seen this thrown around quite a bit, and honestly wtf does that mean? I'm a programmer and even i don't fucking get it. Well all became clear after the demo day came out, where finally PLTR showcased their platforms which people are sleepin on. Before we can answer what PLTR is, we need to answer "what is data"? Data is the logical representation of the real world. A picture consists of a bunch of numbers organized in a square, and those numbers represents colors to paint the pixel to create an image. Video games has data that interacts with formulas like gravity so that you can jump around, aim and shoot to emulate a new world. Now let's bring ourself into business. Any largescale business will always collect a ton of data most often stored in texts such as spreadsheets or databases (which requires programming knowledge to navigate through). So what does PLTR do with this data? Well they consolidate a company's data and displays it in a comprehensible easily digestible UI for the company to use. (Note that they take company's data, PLTR doesn't gather or store any data of it's own) Easy right? This allows for pretty much any company/organization like the CDC for medicine, the military for national security, and the stock market for financial fraud (stock market is only rumors for now but hopefully PLTR HELP US FIND THE HEDGIES THAT MANIPULATE THE MARKET) . But how insane is this? Working with that much data is a nightmare. In a society where data is already a necessity, being able to look through and analyze data quickly for any anomalies or patterns is crucial to any company and is often overwhelming. With PLTR a normal non-technical operator can click their computer to pull up an order, or an issue that PLTR detected, make any changes and or notify whoever needs the attention. Let's take the CDC for example. When the vaccine rolled out, PLTR had a huge hand in this. PLTR gives visual display of where the vaccine is going, how many, and any issues that has risen if any, allowing for fast response time. You can imagine PLTR displaying a map with the various routes to different deployment sites with pictures of a little truck representing the shipments being routed to their destination. An operator can click 1 of these shipments/routes and pull up any data of that specific point. With data being displayed and organized in this way it makes it easy to analyze data, where are things going, what kind of picture does the data represent, rather than staring at a spreadsheet of numbers. Now this is just an example, PLTR is general enough and customizable enough where it can represent any business/organization's structure. Once data is organized it opens up the possibility for even further opportunities such as creating simulations of potential issues that can happen in order to forsee and plan for various situations. It allows data to be clean enough to train machine learning algorithms (a big problem with ML is that data isn't clean or has weird edge cases that fucks up the model. If you talk to any data/ml engineer they will typically mention most of their job is cleaning data over actual application). Companies can create scripts or AI to respond to events if needed. It can be as simple as notifying an executive if an issue occurs, or completely issuing a rollback order if there's a sudden spike of side effects for the covid vaccine which will be represented in the data. It's the ultimate data representation/analysis platform that any company can utilize and it's fucking insane, i still casn't believe PLTR managed to do this. But it brings up a few problems.

Why Palantir?

Why can't companies just create their own platform? Because it's expensive, time consuming, and complicated. A common issue large companies have is simply having too much data. Take the automotive industry for example and self driving. Driving data needs to be collected and stored for AI. That's a lot of data… like pentabytes of data if not more…. Now let's say there's data being collected in America, the signs and the messages on side walks, are different than those that are in the UK. If you have a dataset from the UK well that data comes with it's own issues and rules, this creates a problem called "data silos" meaning data is separated into it's own little circle separated from other data silos. If the company decides to make a platform to analyze these 2 different types of data, they will have to consolidate, organize, and create 2 kinds of platforms for it. Now this example is only 2, large businesses have dozens of data silos that are often abandoned or isolated. PLTR is a generalized platform that encompasses any and all kinds of data which they themselves work closely with companies in order to cater to what they need. Why can't companies create a general platform themselves? Because it's an engineering nightmare and PLTR is an engineering masterpiece…. It is so insanely difficult to create something general enough to fit any and all data… but PLTR has done exactly that. The best comparison i can correlate this to is computers. Before generalized computers, computers would be built and deployed to do 1 job and 1 job only. Once generalized computers came out it's used everywhere and no company develops their own computer for a single job, they go out and buy a computer, in this case, any company that manages data can benefit from PLTR.

Another benefit we see from PLTR is that PLTR is 1 huge modular system. If a person from 1 company wants to share data with another company that utilizes PLTR they can do so seemlessly. PLTR talks with each other and easily sends data to and from. Imagine if hospitals or universities adapted this system. You no longer have to manually print a transcript and submit it to the other university's administration and then wait for it to be processed for a few days. If your medical records are stored in 1 hospital and you get sent to the ER in another hospital, your main hospital can send your medical records to the ER you're at seemlessly and quickly. Its insane how misunderstood PLTR is, but it's a far reaching company that will dig into the roots of all whether you jump into it or not, all i'm doing is trying to have it move sooner than later. Deep roots are not reached by the forst.

Karp is a giga chad. Fucking guy got the intelligence of Elon Musk if not more, and the hair to fucking prove it. If you want to witness it first hand, listen to some of hisinterviews. A lot of his philosophies are amazing and I believe in his abilities to make PLTR go to the moon. 🌑🌑🌑

If anyone's worried that the military may drop PLTR, here ya go.

Why now?

I did a DD on AMC a week ago calling the rally from $20 -> $70. Will the same happen with PLTR? It can but it'll need some help. Not gonna explain how the squeeze works as it's beyond the scope of this post. If you want check out the DD i did on AMC, i explain the idea there.

PLTR Option Chain from Yahoo Finance

fucking options volume is even higher than AMC when i did AMC's DD. Now PLTR has a larger market cap than AMC so we probably won't see a run up as large as AMC but it's still a great stock with great opportunity. If we can get enough people to get on PLTR it can definitely pop. The options volume is spread out very nicely through the 20-30 range which is perfect for launching the price forward. Meme stocks typically has a second coming. GME had a 2nd wind, BB had a 2nd wind, AMC's 2nd wind is nuttier than it's first one ffs, it looks like it's about time for PLTR to have it's 2nd wind, but it needs more attention.

Why not AMC/GME/BB/etc?

I love memes and have made a lot of money off memes. As much as I love AMC and GME, I sold at the top. I sold AMC at 70, and i sold GME at 400. Why? Because Meme stocks need to cool down. This isn't because of hedgies or any kind of attacks. Stocks that are very volatile causes their options to be ridiculously expensive, which prevents the potential for a rally from happening because it's much harder for people to buy in options. Ultimately I don't want to be a bag holder, and i don't want others to be bag holding (rip GME 400$ holders and AMC 70$ holders). Everyone should look for selling opportunities, for GME it was RH closing down and AMC was when the rally ran it's course. (Check the AMC DD above if you need proof, i updated the post as soon as i sold at $70. GME unfortunately I have no proof for) I will still look for opportunities to buy into GME/AMC again once it's cooled down a bit but for now, PLTR is really cheap, volatility is really low, and we're sitting at the floor right now with huge potential for it to explode. People have been burnt before when PLTR was cooling off from the past, but now the second coming is near…. We're at the floor right now so if the narrative doesn't play out it's also just a great stock to hold.


Unfortunately PLTR doesn't have the same attention as AMC did when i wrote the last DD, so in order for it to pop off this week PLTR will need some love. Even if not enough people realizes how amazing it actually is then it'll just sit steady and grow over time. For PLTR i don't really have an exit. If it does rally i will sell and let it cool, but i'll update this post if that happens. If that doesn't ever happen, then i'll just keep PLTR as a long term hold, and re-allocate funds to riskier plays based on my risk tolerance and when opportunity arises. Other than that I'm more than happy to hold PLTR i already have pretty much everything in it right now… o_o


4250 shares at $23

40x $27 calls 7/9

10x $30 calls 7/9

47x $30 calls 1/21/22

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