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Possible hedge fund “breaking down”? (Nadine Terman, CNBC)

Hello degens,

Most of what's on CNBC is entertainment or whatever obvious thing is happening in the world of boomer market makers. But sometimes there's a nice nugget of info to play with. I think there was one yesterday.

On Fast Money, after the segment with the chart guy, Nadine Terman of Solstein capital says (around 7:55 on the YT video, no link because mods will remove the post) that there was a possible "hedge fund breaking down" adding to the volatility yesterday. It's pretty clear that this isn't Archegos or Citadel level yet, but something to watch out for.

Personal take: I'd have cash on hand short-term (until end of summer) to take advantage of extended volatility and wait for PowPow to either put his foot down or start anti-stimmy talks.


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