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Prepare yourself for AMC movement : TA so simple you could read it in Braille

AMC chart

This is super simple, AMC has been consolidation for months! That means its loading up for a move, this could be up or down but with the news they have been releasing and that other meme stocks are performing well and still covered in the news I'd anticipate this to be a move up and to the right.

This is one of the simplest and easiest patterns to identify so it likely has a LOT of eyes watching it, which can be a very good thing. Most often, these kind of patterns do not run all the way to the apex. So I'd anticipate that a move starts in 2 weeks or less, although there is closer to 4 weeks until the apex of the pattern is reached.

I've included some targets for the weak on the chart so if the price sees a little slowing in those areas you know it's because the poor need to take profits to cover their rent. For those that like the stock, the actual measured move is also shown. If the price starts to move north you will see AMC flood the media and WSB posts, which will easily make it ape into the moon targets.

Not financial advice, but it is advice I'd give for those attempting to do financially oriented things in a manner such that you enlist some dollars to recruit additional dollars for your wallet.

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