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Proof I have to get a Banana Tattoo if AMC closes above $20 tonight.

Okay guys, it's 1.30am here in Australia. Im gaming and watching my stonks. Watching AMC creep up and I say to my mates 'holy shit, if AMC closes above $20 tonight I'll get an AMC tattoo' and immediately got told to post what I said to reddit. Considering I'm an $AMC and $GME January ape, I changed my mind to get a banana instead. I dont expect many to see this post and thats okay, im only here to post this so I can be held accountable. Needless to say, my fiancee wont be happy but YOLO, I like the stock and im here to stay.

Stay amazing you beautiful american apes, with love from here is Aus.

Edit: This is the first tattoo upon which will brand my pristine canvas that is my body.

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