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/r/antiwork is targeting McDonald’s

Everyone here is likely already familiar with the newly-popular, /r/antiwork subreddit. Well it seems like they've collectively decided to specifically target McDonald's by quitting McDonald's jobs (preferably during the busiest part of a shift), wasting interviewers time by going to interviews for jobs they don't intend to accept, or accepting jobs and never showing up, etc, and posting about it on social media until McDonald's raises their wages. The hope from them seems to be that if they can force McDonald's to raise wages, other companies will then have to raise wages to compete.

This was the first post I saw about it, this morning, with ~27k upvotes.

This post was made later in the day, with ~11k upvotes, as a bit of a confirmation of a collective strategy.

I don't know about you, but my world view is that people are fucking lazy and short-sighted, and generally won't follow through on things. However, social media trends are a pretty powerful force, and I don't think we should forget the retarded trend of kids trashing school bathrooms that forced schools to locked students out of the bathrooms. If that can trend, I can't see why this wouldn't.

With the holidays coming up there will be a I'm sure there will be a ton of travelers who've spent the last 2 years stuck in their homes, shoveling dollar menu fries in their fat fucking faces, bored in airports or their cars, looking to get their fix. With supply chain issues already squeezing them from one side, this is literally the worst time for something like this to happen. Add on top of that that McD's is sitting pretty high after their recent ER, I'm going to be following this pretty closely and eyeing some puts for the next few months.

Edit: Hurr durr, McDonald's good /r/antiwork bad. Durr, /r/antiwork good, McDonald's bad. Shut the fuck up and talk about the play you retards.

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