Repost AMC Interview SUM UP Adam Aron & Trey’s Trades

AA: 45 Million Total Shares were available (~Dec) now only 46.000 (~June) shares left at the company AMC. (totally raised Money 1.6 Billion $)
TT: Why you sold it?
AA: To strengthen the company (buy up other theaters) and get rid of debt (previously filled and communicated).

FACTS: No more share are injected by AMC for "DILUTE"!

Total share amount approximately 502 to 505 Million AMC's

TT: Why are there so many of them?
AA: 1. Machine Trading (several orders in seconds)
2. Options (AMC made 11 % Options Trading within a day from TOTAL Options Trading on the market)
3. Split/Reverse Splitting Shares (which AMC can't introduce without SHAREHOLDERS approval)

P.S.: Upvote for the other apes who missed the interview! Much love!

AA: Shareholder IS KING (Really caring about Apes)

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