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Revenge traders, how do you stop?

This year I’ve had significant losses. Realizing, I have severe gambling tendencies. My win ratio is actually good, I accumulate small wins that start to add up but then I loose weeks of work in a day. When I loose, Oh boy, do I fucking loose.

Ive concluded my biggest weakness is that I don’t know how take a loss. I classic revenge trade, doubling down, loosing more, getting emotional and frustrated and then all logic goes out the window I start throwing money at the most risky options to try to make it back. Sigh.

I love day trading but maybe it’s just like gambling. Hitting my dopamine when I win… and then I’m thirsty for that same hit…

I’m considering not trading on the minute candle but not quite ready to give up…

And yes, I have a trading rule book. But in the moment it’s fucking thrown out.

I feel like this sub is going to have people that can relate lol. I’m sure I’ll get some flaming but I look forward to some nuggets of wisdom…

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