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Signs Your Play is Fucked

Retail investors are fucking retarded. Take my word for it , your portfolio will thank you. Here is a list of the key signs your "TO THE MOON" play is actually "GOING STRAIGHT TO BANKRUPTCY". These are the posts you will see:

  1. BTFD!!!, this is understood to mean buy the fucking dip, because this dip is different from the last dip, why? because I said so. In reality it means buy the fucking dagger. Shit is going south faster than a flock of dead Pelicans in winter.
  2. Hedgies are scared/running/trapped/cornered!!!!, this line is most likely written by one of two things, a retard(Yes, I am present), or a hedge fund shill. You know those plays that show up on unusual options activities? It is funny how all those options expire worthless. However, before they expire worthless you will see a fuck ton of posts that say FOLLOW THE BIG MONEY!!!
  3. TRUST YOUR DD!!!, This is a war cry to all retards. This is a call to arms to all the people who FOMO'ed in on a play based on the stock twits analysis of a play. I get it , reading is hard. There are letters and words and sometimes numbers in the company filings. They are longer than a Ron Jeremy cock.
  4. ….BUT THE FUNDAMENTALS!!!, this seems to happen once that "dip" breaks all of the obvious support points. Remember this company is the only company selling digital dildos , the rest of the dildos do not quite hit the spot.
  5. ….Look at these FUDsters!!!!, Anything that could possibly be considered negative towards a stock is instantly and viciously labeled as FUD.

I could go on but lets face it, this is a community of retards and you want to lose money.

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