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$SPCE to the moon 🚀

Everyone knows by now spce is launching billionaire Branson July 11th before his rival blue origin. I think this will make virgin galactic a name to be known. The entire hotel is booked solid, the weather is great for a launch, not to mention he has a big announcement to make once he lands. I think the announcement will be production of more rockets and sooner then realized commercial flights. The stock itself is performing great, sitting at a 30% short interest and still seeing positive gains almost daily. Look at Friday, Friday alone the stock was shorter 20 million shares and diluted 10% and we still was able to turn it around and see a 4% day end. Now it is up 4% in premarket. Frankly I could see it hitting 100$ easy after his launch. The live streaming on every platform with news coverage is just going to generate so much hype it will be on the news for a few days, this hype alone I think would cause a short squeeze and make that 30% cover causing prices to continue to moon 🚀 not financial advice but I think this stock has huge potential both for short and long term gains.

battle of the billionaires So what could you see happening?

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