SPCE – we have achieved launch

On the 22nd SPCE completed the first of its 3 planned test flights to space. Everything looked to have gone off successfully. We are now waiting on the data and craft to be analysed and inspected. This will take a few weeks according to Michael Colglazier. That being said he had already outlined the test schedule in the earnings zoom call.

1st test flight – may 2nd crewed flight – June 3rd flight with R Branson on board late June/July

4th flight this will be taking the Italian airforce on a training mission (600k a seat) late July

On the run in to the first test flight some possible maintenance issues appeared with the carrier plane White knight 2…. This indeed could have gone either way , after 2 weeks inspections it was decided that WK2 did not need to delay testing no maintenance was needed at this point. Scheduled Maintenance will commence in the fall after all tests have been completed. Upon this news it is my opinion that the testing programme will go ahead as planned.

The market has responded accordingly and the stock is now up from $17-€31

With all these catalysts lined up before the end of the year and commercial operations looming for early 2022 things are looking up for Virgin Galactic.The success of the last test flight the company have now proven tech and concept. Also with revenue now coming in Nasa who are conducting micro gravity analysis. Also international training for military pilots and astronauts. Commercial flights look imminent. Space ports planned for around the globe and intercontinental travel looming.

The future is bright, The future is SPCE

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