“Stonks On The Moon”: There's Now A Children's Book Based On The GameStop Short Squeeze

“Stonks On The Moon”: There’s Now A Children’s Book Based On The GameStop Short Squeeze

There’s now officially a children’s book based on the “Great GME Squeeze of 2021”.

Amazon has started selling a book called “Stonks On The Moon!” which tells the story – in children’s parlance – of the “mayhem being inflicted on Wall Street by a new wave of retail investors championing the cause of GameStop Corp,” according to WeBull.

The story tells the tale of Stonks, a young ape, who is helped along by a character based on Keith “Roaring Kitty” Gill in building a rocket to visit the moon. 

According to WeBull, the book’s author, who goes by the name “Professor Clark” is actually Dillon Clark, who calls himself “an IT professional at a bank in the middle of Illinois in the middle of a cornfield.” 

Clark said: “It’s kind of a children’s book for adults and children. A kid can read it and be like, ‘Hey, I understand it. I get a good message from it.’ But then the adult can read it and be like, ‘Oh, I see what’s going on there’.”

“It’s been great,” he stated. “All the apes on Reddit have been super, super nice.”

Clark is also holding out hope that Elon Musk will read the audio version: “I think ‘Stonks on the Moon!’ would be awesome if Elon Musk narrated. I’ve been tweeting at him every day for the last 35 days, and I’m doing it for a year straight.”

The book is 25 pages and already has 35 reviews with an average of 5 stars on Amazon, where it started selling on May 27. 

Meanwhile, the Fed still sees no signs of market excess…

Tyler Durden
Sat, 06/05/2021 – 14:00

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