Stop bringing up NOK. It’s not going to do anything.

Want to know what NOK is going to do? Nothing. Look at what it’s done since 2012. It’s flat. Ridiculously low volatility. 0.62% short float according to Finviz. And a market cap of over 30 billion. Good luck getting that to budge. So tell me, why is it suddenly going to moon after nearly 10 years of doing nothing? 5G? That’s existed for years now. It isn’t new anymore. The contracts have been awarded and that cash flow is priced in. Sorry, it’s not a bad company but the people who are pushing it are only doing so because they think nostalgia will make people pile into it. Which even if they do, it still won’t do anything because there is no short float and the company is already huge. Put your money elsewhere and stop distracting from real plays.

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