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TA and DD explaining why $WISH could easily run 100% from today’s close

I'm going to keep this as short and sweet as possible. There's plenty of tickers being thrown around on here for quick money, but $WISH is potentially the best candidate of them all. Let's take a look at the reasons why this bad boy will rip faces off and print paper for us all.

  1. This stock is ACTUALLY heavily shorted. Users with YOLO positions already in place have made this clear. Currently around 11.5% of the float is sold short, and with a float of 272 million shares, that's pretty sizable.
  2. Check out this beauty of a chart

Today's close (daily candles) will very clearly represent a bullish engulfing candle. We have past supports in the $19-23 range, and as you an tell we've broken out of a lengthy downtrend.

3) Down >50% from ATH and actually heavily shorted?? No brainer. Retards assemble!

Disclaimer: Holding shares and 7 $22.5 calls for 6/18 as well as 2 12.5 calls for 6/18. A couple grand total on the line.

EDIT: Chart is mine but created as a guest on TradingView

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