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The Alien Trade

The government is releasing the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) report as early as June 1st. It was Congressionally mandated in the last stimulus bill and gave the government 180 days to release an unclassified report to the general public and a classified report to congress. We are approaching that time, and June/July could be a heavy shift in perspectives and R&D priorities. Sen. Rubio's Comments WaPo Article

These UAP’s exhibit unexplainable flight characteristics: near instantaneous acceleration, airplane/submersible hybrid characteristics, visual disappearance, odd acoustics, etc. Also, multiple “types” of craft have been observed.

There are patents filed by the Navy for inertial mass reduction craft (basically creating a quantum vacuum around the craft to avoid air/water resistance; useful to go Mach 16+ in the atmosphere). Here’s the patent: Triangular UAP Patent?. Additionally, we have heard rumors (and they may just be rumors) of anti-gravity temporal displacement craft. These craft can accelerate by utilizing gravity waves, bend light through a gravity well (stealthy), and externally perceived time could be affected as well (think Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar) (Gravity Wave Patent ) This UAP sightings might be manned craft or something else, or a mixture of both. These patents could also be counter-espionage missions to throw foreign countries off true technological breakthroughs, but we do know there was a demo of the tech: Navy acknowledging demo, but not production ready

Okay great, so what’s the play…

Long-Raytheon ($RTX) has the Advanced Targeting Forward Look Infrared Sensor, which can be utilized to track UAP’s. This technology has been out for over a decade. Additionally, Raytheon is the go-to company for research into lasers, targeted radiation, or proton beams (still no word on proton torpedoes). (UFO Targeting Pod)

Long-Lockheed Martin ($LMT) a major defense aerospace firm, which developed many prototypes over the years and is famous for the Skunkworks R&D lab. Former Senator Harry Reid believes Lockheed has UAP fragments in their possession (UAP Fragments). These fragments are believed to be made of an unknown metal/alloy, and potentially 3D printed at an atomic level.

Long-Northrup Grumman ($NOC) is a defense giant which developed the B-2 stealth bomber and is a contractor on multiple space infrastructure missions. They would be vital for advanced composites/metallurgy, advanced avionics, spaceflight, and tracking systems.

Additionally, we have no clear knowledge of where the Chinese and Russians are at with this technology. Maybe this is partly why we founded Space Force? This is a ~2 month play to see if we can get more decisive acknowledgement of the technology whether it is manned or alien, either way it could make for an interesting news summer.

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