The $BB resistance is a good sign 🚀 DD refresher

BB's climb today hit $20 before slowing down and dropping back to $15, this is only natural when paper handed baka's sell off their positions for a measly profit.

BlackBerry is only beginning its journey, and the fundamentals back this up.

QNX Software – is already being tested out by automakers like Volvo, for use in their industrial vehicles. Where self driving tech is expensive for civilian cars, it could pay for itself when applied to truck convoys and public transport.

IVY – linked in with BlackBerrys autonomous vehicle software, IVY is a way of collecting driver data to further help consumers even after buying their vehicle. Information on thing like acceleration and braking, safe lane merging etc; drivers that drive safely could be offered discounted insurance prices. This data is also highly promising to help with accident insurance claims proving what driver is to fault.

Cylance + Cyber Sevices – basically SkyNet, proven to be extremely effective in the field, and constantly evolves to prevent threats before they strike.

2021 5G Phone – Not talked about much, but a new BlackBerry mobile phone is slated for a late 2021 release. Only phone releasing with a physical keyboard, runs Android and boasts decent specs at a $500 price point.

— TLDR —

BB's price is no where near its potential value; and in a market based on prospective sales and market reach, its 3x under its deserved price.

Edit I – added in IVY potential.

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