The Key to Blackberry

Buy and hold! and accumulate much as you can while they keep the stock price low.

i know many of us are armed with Robinhood and we're trigger happy with buy/sell but if you want to win you must learn to buy and hold. Yes, Blackberry is one of those stock. In my view it's massively undervalued Cyber Security and IoT company. Their Blackberry Spark platform is taking over everything and overtaking Crowdstrike business too. How i make this assessment? Simple, if Crowdstrike was a good technology compnay the entire US federal government would be using it….BUT there're NOT! they are going to Blackberry. Blackberry has integrated artificial intelligence into all their products now.

Even IBM has decided to ditch their own cyber security software and switched to selling Blackberry Spark suite in Canada. When one of your biggest competitor ditches their own product and starts selling your product, that's a sign that you have an amazing crazy magic like product.

here's the proof

Compared to industry the blackberry spark artificial intelligence machine is years in advance. No other ai based cyber security comes close to blackberry engine, this is why US government and 77% of fortune 100 companies have switched to blackberry. i will list their growing customers(big enterprises) in next part. BB holds the biggest ai patent portfolio in cyber security!!

Revenue growth will explode in coming months and quarters. The ai based spark platform was launched last year and it took them few months to get their ducks and marketing in row!

Next article i will dive deep into their latest product called Blackberry Persona! it's a god like ai that stops insider threats and stolen password(the pipeline hack could have been prevented if they had used blackberry). Password will be history and no longer will be required as we move into the future.

if we compare valuation to peers, the company should be around 70 Billion minimum or about $140 per share.

Not a financial advice. Part 3 coming……

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