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The only reason Tesla is worth anything is because of the SUPER CHARGER NETWORK, which Rivian and Lucid DO NOT HAVE.

I test drove a Tesla model 3 two years ago as a joke and ended up buying one that same day. They're actually really cool cars and fast as shit… but you know why I, and other normal people with money (aka not you broke retards with $500 in your RH accounts) buy them?

THE SUPER CHARGER NETWORK. This is basically a system of electric gas stations that charge your car in 30-40 minutes, and allows you to drive ANYWHERE in America and Canada. You can drive from San Diego to NYC with this network.

You know what you can't do with a Rivian or Lucid? Drive anywhere you don't normally drive.

If you try to charge your car at a charge port or whatever, it'll take you 8 hours for a full charge. The only reason Tesla is worth anything is because of their phenomenal super charger network. How the fuck are lucid and rivian going to compete with that?

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