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The reality of the GME saga: demi-popular opinion.

Sup autists. There’s a lot of debate around these parts about whether or not the GME primates are into something or complete Neanderthals. Here’s my two cents: GME may or may not still be a short squeeze play. No one knows 100% or else there wouldn’t be any debate. GME’s business fundamentals are still dicey on paper, but I think you have to look beyond that considering the hiring spree they’ve gone on and the conditions under which those employees are being hired. We don’t know what their plan is, but they seem to be super secretive about something. Lots of ideas, little clarity.

HERE’S THE DEAL. whether any of this is anything, there are enough idiots buying shares with every paycheck that EVENTUALLY, they will own the whole company (if we theorize that they don’t already.) This means of enough shit-slinging retards continue to buy and refuse to sell, and they direct register the entire amount of outstanding shares… if there’s a single phantom share out there… the first to sell does get to name their price.

Might take years, who knows. I do hypothesize, though, that there has never been this many primals buying one singular stock with the refusal to sell until they’re rich. It’s unprecedented. And I’m on the spectrum. Goodnight.

Edit: yo stop downvoting me, I’m just the messenger!

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