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The world is going to end and the biggest financial crisis is coming

Okay, first off, chill the fuck out.

Every time there’s a bear sentiment or moment in the market these posts crawl out of the woodworks.

Is the financial markets globally unstable? Yes.

Is the whole world over leveraged and is there a mass exposure to it? Yes.

Do we know when and “if” a crash not a correction but a crash will occur at some point? No one knows.

Is there a possibility the economy goes to shit and/or resolves itself without a crash ever happening? Yes to both.

Will you be able to time the market? No.

Should you worry? It’s the fucking market, you should worry all the fucking time, part of the game.

Is Evergrande and inflation serious? Very.

What’s the answer and solution? Just like our governments, there isn’t any.

What should I do? Do what’s best for you. Risk what your willing to risk.

What kind of stocks should I go long on? Who knows bro, this shit literally changes everyday 😂

Will my anxiety due to trading ever reduce itself? No, that’s also why we’re autists on WSB.

What’s the best thing you can do? Only you can answer that question.

Also, don’t forget, bears have been getting rekt betting against the market since 2019.

I always wondered, during daylight savings, do night shift employees work an extra hour when the clocks roll back to 1:00 AM when it hits 1:59 AM?

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