To the guy who recommended Wendy’s stock($WEN). (Proper DD)

Stick with me here.

This, This right here.

Of course now im in, it makes perfect sense. Literally its the perfect stock for this sub, let me explain.

First, they just came out with their new summer salad. Experts are already stating that this salad is the salad of the summer. See attached citation for review. (

Second, Wendys social media profile is no stranger to memes. Everyone has seen the "Roast Me" thing that Wendys has been doing. Well this will only increase with fellow autists supporting it. Academics have called this term "metapragmatic roasting" and its incredibly effective with the younger generation. Here is a chart demonstrating the breakdown of their tweets.

Here is another article from business daily demonstrating the effectiveness of Wendys perceived social media presence.

Third, Both Gamestop and Wendys have been sharing in this Social Media "Beef" or "Metapragmatic Roasting" of each other. Their Twitter profiles are actively following each other and going off each others posts. See the below image for an example. (


Forth, well this one is obvious but Wendys Chicken Tendies. Literally the perfect stock for this sub.

So lets talk technical. Supposedly $WEN (Wendy's) has a low public float of around 17 million shares. It has between a 4-10% short which will increase as the stock increases because fast food retail is a relatively predictable stock (Same reason why Utility Companies will get shorted to shit when they rise look at $NEE earlier this year).

With an average volume of around 1 Million per day there is a huge amount of Alpha to be had in investing in Wendys. Right now the Implied Volatility on options is tiny (29-34%) which means that you can get a position for pennies on the dollar. Further, buying shares is small as well as its currently not a volatile company. Either way its a good investment because of the Salad.

Im in at $22.97 and calls expiring on January of next year.

This is not financial advice, I am not a financial advisor. I just really like the stock, and Wendys.

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