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TSM is going to $200 by April

TSMC is by far the most undervalued company in the stock market right now. Apple, Nvidia, AMD, all wouldn’t be the behemoths they are today without TSMC’s chips. Computer chips aren’t going anywhere and TSMC have been absolutely destroying competition for years. Add to that the global semiconductor shortage and we are looking at a company whose chart should look like Shrek’s dongle on a viagra binge. But is it? No. Its not. It’s been sitting at ~$120 for months. With a P/E of 31 in a market where $100B company.

But this is where things really get interesting:

Actually that was all I had. I wanted this to look like a proper DD, but lets face it, I don’t know shit and neither do you. I hear “semiconductor shortage” I buy semiconductor. Simple as that.

And hey, who here actually knows what the companies we trade even do? I dont.

So fuck it. Im all in on leaps: TSM 115c 4/14/2022 🚀🌕

Yes, any option more than a couple weeks out is a leap.

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