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Two stocks to hold for 10 years

Long time lurker first time poster in this sub.

About me: very rich due to being right 20% of the time about technology trends.


This one is pretty simple.

There are two stocks you can confidently buy now and hold for 10 yrs and get a 10x return.

Those two stocks are Twitter and Shopify.

No shit, you say. But I find much of this sub is looking for what we call “quick wins” in corporate America. I’m here to tell you, as a rich person, how to actually get rich without getting lucky and without spending all day staring at candle charts: put your money in Twitter and Shopify.

Imagine a guy 10 years ago telling you to bet the farm on Apple. I’m that guy, and I’m telling you this now.

Here is why:

Twitter is now the de facto newsfeed for an increasing number of global humans. Meanwhile it makes way less than half that Facebook properties do on a per user/session basis. Their monetization model and ad products suck. This is in part due to poor management but also intentional strategy to “grow now, monetize later”. Twitter is worth 1/20 of what Facebook is worth. And Facebook trades at a very bargain price based on conventional metrics. Value investors love Facebook, and it is unpopular because retail investors and other boomers think Facebook is going away because kids don’t like it. They are wrong. Facebook is still a great investment in spite of it being the domain of boomers. But before you put $1 into $fb, ask yourself how much time you spend on Facebook versus Twitter. 1/20? That is the price. You know as well as I do that you spend more than 1 minute on Twitter for every 20 mins you spend on Facebook/IG/etc. Will Dorsey be the guy to figure this out? It doesn’t matter. Twitter is a freight train with global relevance that will eventually, by hook or by crook, find a way to make money at least in the ballpark that Facebook does. It is a matter of time. The upside is that Twitter management might be smarter than all of us in waiting for delayed gratification. Twitter will easily be worth $1T+ within 10 years which for you is a 20 bagger. Buy it and hold it and walk away from your computer. You really think Twitter won’t be worth $1T? Gtfo.

Now let me tell you about Shopify.

I have spent 25 years in technology ranging from e-commerce to ads to subscriptions at companies you have heard of.

Shopify is the biggest and only threat to Amazon. Amazon thrives on the back of merchants who undervalue their data and direct customer relationship in favor of distribution and simplicity. You shall not pass. Shopify has principles, namely that the merchant owns the customer relationship. Shopify will win, as they will solve for last mile distribution and by continuing to honor the idea that the merchant has earned the customer relationship. Shopify will pressure Amazon and eventually win. You’re betting on the idea that 1M merchants will beat 1. That the collective mob of Main Street will beat Walmart. They will. Ask yourself: is your relationship with your favorite local merchant better or worse than your relationship with Walmart. This is the equation, put simply. Shopify will easily be worth $1T in the next ten years and that is 6 bagger.

Both of these projections are very easy to believe over a decade timeframe. Stop wasting your time on get rich quick schemes, buy and hold these companies and go learn some skills and work hard, buy stock in these two companies. Set a reminder to thank me in 2031.

That is all.

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