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UAW President Rory Gamble Announces His Retirement, Marking Fourth UAW Boss In Three Years

UAW President Rory Gamble Announces His Retirement, Marking Fourth UAW Boss In Three Years

UAW President Rory Gamble has announced he is going to be retiring on June 30, one year earlier than expected.

The retirement comes as the union attempts to shake a sullied public image as a result of 11 former officials being convicted of Federal crimes in recent years. 

Gamble was instrumental in helping negotiate deals to resolve criminal investigations into the union. The resultant settlements will give the Federal government “prolonged oversight and broad control” over the union. In other words, the gravy train could officially be over for top union officials. 

He also worked to reorganize the union, “disbanding a 17-state region based in Missouri that employed leaders involved in financial wrongdoing,” according to The Detroit News.

Negotiations with the government also led to a third party monitor being appointed to oversee the union for the next six years. As part of a consent decree reached with the DOJ, the union will also consider amending its constitution to enable the direct election of the union’s top officials. 

Gamble, the first African American president of the United Auto Workers, will mark the fourth leaders in just three years for the UAW. 

“I said on Day One I would hand over the keys to this treasured institution as a clean union,” Gamble said in a statement less issued less the two hours after he officially notified the UAW’s governing International Executive Board, according to the The Detroit News.

He continued: “My original intent as a UAW Vice President was to retire at the end of June 2021, and after looking at the progress we have made and the best interests of UAW members for a stable transfer of power, this is the right time for me to turn over the reins.”

The announcement of his retirement comes just one day before the union was set to hold a $150-per-plate gala dinner “honoring and saluting The Man, The Legend, Mr. Rory Gamble”.

Secretary-Treasurer Ray Curry, 55, is slated to take over for Gamble.

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Sat, 06/26/2021 – 19:15

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