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UFO ARKX options

So I may or may not have been smoking weed when this idea came to me, but I was sober when I bought 4K in options for these space etfs. I had the revelation that when the US government releases the UFO debrief it may cause an increase in interest in the space sector. Increased interest in a sector is correlated with higher economic growth. And when the two largest space etfs (UFO and ARKX) have combined assets of only 200 million there is lots of room for growth. I really liked this idea and did more DD when I sobered up. My first thought was that if the government doesn’t release the report then I’m fucked. But recently more and more mainstream media have been writing about this upcoming debriefing. As well as both parties calling for it to come out and be seriously discussed, examples are Marco Rubio and Harry reid, and Obama a couple days ago. As well as agencies inside the department of defense leaking videos and reports about UFOs without consequence. All this leads me to believe that the department of defense will actually release the report. However the government is obviously not going to say aliens exist. But they will have to acknowledge the unidentified aircrafts which can mean two things. Either aliens exist or foreign nations have far superior technology. If aliens exist then the space infrastructure sector that was previous only for rich billionaires, now has a practical and urgent purpose. And if people think it’s another country then we will rush to match the technology. These etfs contain both aerospace/ defense contractors and deep space infrastructure, so will come out on top either way. Many institutional investors have stayed out of the space sector, but this report could give legitimacy to the sector as well as cathie woods backing ARKX may attract big investors. So does this sound logical or am I a retarded ape?

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