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$UWMC TA – Quadruple Bottom turned just now. Going north!

Update : 15min PSAR turned. See the second image. (it further indicates upward momentum..)

  • We have had triple top around 10.56 – our attempts to go beyond have been resisted so far.
  • But we have resisted their attempt to break 9.60 – four fucking times – quadruple bottom!
  • Heikin-Ashi candlestick turned green just now – pointing towards upward momentum
  • MACD is about to turn north as well
  • STOC passed the red line – pointing north
  • RSI pointing north

Our rocket is locked and loaded, lets make sure it flies beyond 10.56 and from there it can fly freely for a long time.

10min view. Bullish as fuck.

Update: PSAR turned (the blue dot below that beautiful green candle). 15min view

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