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UWMC Under Walued Mortgage Company

Let’s get a couple things straight. I’m not a DDer. I post shitty memes and argue with visual bot for removing them as if they’re actually not shitty or something. And I never follow WSB for my picks because I’ve been around long enough to know “inverse WSB” is the most successful strategy on this board with the exception of DFV.

With that said, I’ve been in the former dumpster fire, formally known as Gee Hache IV for months. Watching a decent amount of my portfolio slowly burn as I lost even more money on retarded FDs. I’m currently typing this from a cardboard box behind a Starbucks. The employees trade me coffee and WiFi for handy J’s on their breaks.

When I first bought UWMC I thought $23 would be fair market value based on absolutely no DD at all. But between the SPAC FUD from the SEC, inflation fears and massive sell offs UWMC took a beating worse than my wife gets from her boyfriend during intercourse.

Mat Ishbia, the cocaine bro, has shown Wall Street the way. He said inclusion is coming and it came, he said he’s sharing profits and he has. Shorts will be forced to cover as the $300 million buyback and Russel inclusion will absolutely crush them if they don’t.

By the end of the year I expect to finally have sex with my wife again. Thanks, cocaine bro.

Positions: 2,500 shares 40 dec 17 $15c

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