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Joe Atk

16 hours agoWhen Stankey (ATT CEO) asked for a salary increase, the shareholders rightly said "NO", as he hadn't proven himself yet. What's becoming clear is that he threw a tantrum and unwound a deal by his predecessor for an eye watering loss, then informed the shareholders they would be on the hook for the poor decision financially by shouldering a dividend cut. Investors still don't know the details of the deal, nor were they able to vote on it (getting their hand smacked again for voting against a salary increase for Stankey). The whole thing seems shady, slimy, and smacks of robbing shareholders to pay for poor management decisions that cost billions. But, hey…Stankey sure got the shareholders back for not allowing a few lousy extra million on his pay stub. Not to mention that Stankey was the former CEO of WarnerMedia. He's completely spun off his wheelhouse, his main area of expertise, to take T back to being a phone company. Stankey has yet to prove he knows anything about telecom. A potential investor looking at AT&T should think long and hard before entrusting their resources to current leadership at T. Not only would it be a bad idea to place hard earned funds at the mercy of an imperious, vindictive man-child CEO, but the quality of the bad deals made just in the past five years is staggering and directly reflected in the current share price. At the moment, T is simply an all-round rotten deal that would be best avoided.

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