What you’ve been waiting for: the opportunity to CLNE SHITADEL’s face with Mr. Clean ($CLNE DD)

First DD, so bear with me here.

This is it, the Gamma squeeze we've been waiting for. APES! Gather around. CLNE GAMMA squeeze is within reach.

(Put on Mulan theme song)

Let's get down to business, to defeat hedgies.

CLNE – A company with a real product in the green energy sector that deals with renewal natural gas infrastructure in 'Murica. They take methane generated from landfills or farms (think cows, they go moooooooooπŸŒ™) and convert it to renewable natural gas to fill trucks, which is the green solution for long distance haul trucking. Feasible hydrogen infrastructure doesn't exist and won't be ready for years, and EV trucks aren't feasible either because you'll be hauling 5 tons of battery instead of cargo, and the charging time will be ridiculous. In short:πŸ‚πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸͺ COW FARTS TO THE MOON!!!

CLNE has great fundamentals, with a gross margin of 35.3%, which is great compared to other companies like BLNK and PLUG in this green energy infrastructure sector. Those two said companies don't even have real products, but CLNE does, and their product is already built. Why their revenue is low is because they've been spending their revenue building our infrastructure, such as fuel depots. As we can see, they're still growing fast. It recently signed a HUGE deal with Amazon to power their fleet with RNG (renewable natural gas), and they had the foresight to build their stations right outside Amazon warehouses. Just this deal alone is worth more than $14 per share. Count in their infrastructure and other assets, it's worth way more than $14. On top of these solid fundamentals, we now actually have a BONUS of a huge GAMMA SQUEEZE potential due to recent hedge fund fuckery. It is currently so undervalued that even Wall Street analysts pin the price at around $14/share.



Here's the kicker: CLNE has been shorted into oblivion by none other than our worst enemy SHITADEL and friends. If you check the options chain, there is a huge amount (over 33k now) of open interest for June 18 13c. It was 18k at market open yesterday, and what did SHITADEL and friends do? Instead of covering, they SOLD EVEN MORE.

How does that benefit us? Means they're fucked even harder if stock reaches >13. If the stock reaches 10, the shorts need to buy 1.19 million shares to cover. If this reaches 13, we're talking about 5 million shares to cover, on a stock with an average 10 day volume of 5.9M and a float of about 48 million shares (rest being held by institutions or insiders) and ON TOP OF THAT having to cover around 10 million shorted shares, so the RESULT is: πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸͺ.


So what's the PLAY? SHARES are the play. Now due to the relative low volume and float of the stock, if the stock were to reach 13 before June 18th, these calls become ITM and SHITADEL and friends have to buy shares to cover their calls and cover their shorts at the same time, which means the cycle will feed itself and we'll be CLNEing the floor with Shitadel's face. That means all we need to do is BUY and HODL and keep the price above $13 before next Friday.

The stock has relatively low daily volume, so it's easy to push the price around. If we can collectively buy in this stock, this powder keg will blow up. Yesterday some apes have gotten in on the action and have proven APES together have REAL POWER. The stock was sitting dead for some time after being shorted, and apes have lifted it out of the hole and onto the launchpad.

Bear case: The shares are mostly owned by insiders, with TOTAL selling about 3 million shares in the past 3 moths because they own 20% of the company and they need to finance the construction of a processing facility they're building with CLNE. Other insider selling has been next to nonexistent.

Technical Analysis:

<Ape noises and crayon scribbling noises>


The 2 huge red dildos with high volume marks when the stock got shorted by Shitadel for 2 straight days. The right-most green hulk dick is yesterday's ape action. The pink line is the 200 SMA, look at how beautifully it has supported the price after being shorted, and how yesterday's price action launched off the 200 SMA and broke the downwards trend, which is a very good sign that the 200 SMA is a very strong support. Yesterday's price action and volume was due to apes finally realizing there is a squeeze potential for CLNE and buying in. Unfortunately, from the looks of the price and volume yesterday, some apes took profits after the initial pump and put them back in AMC or BB. So you need to BUY and HODL and keep the price above $13 before next Friday. Come on apes, you want to get on a rocket that has launched days ago, or one right about to launch? Or maybe you'll get on the rocket after it's launched like a true WSB retard.

SHARES are the real play here, the rocket won't take off without the price going past 13. Buying just options won't drive the price up, so go at least half in shares and the rest options. Options is the rocket, shares are the fuel. Rocket won't take off without fuel. Even if this doesn't moon, you can BET it's a damn good long term hold. All analysts pin it at being valued at over 14/share.

Oh, and CRAMER says he doesn't like the stock. Y'all know the drill: inverse Cramer, swim in TENDIES.


COW FARTS TOGETHER = πŸ‚πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸͺ

TLDR: Buy shares first and foremost, and June 18th calls preferably between 13 and 20 strike

My positions: I've been in CLNE since early April, been averaging down. If you're considering getting in, just know your cost basis is still lower than mine.


Disclaimer: not financial advice, and I am not diverting attention away from GME,AMC or BB. I'm merely stating another for all of us apes to SWIM in TENDIES!

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