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Who tf is actually buying RIVN shares at this price?!

I was having a great day today, until I found RIVN. Now I like to stick to shit that looks normal, but how tf does RIVN IPO with a valuation of even $10 billion, let alone $100 billion. The company lost $1 billion last year, and has made 0 sales.

The company is backed by Amazon apparently, but fuck, it could be backed by the president himself, and I still wouldn't be dumb enough to invest in this company. Sure, they could be the biggest truck seller in 10 years time, but to make this valuation look even remotely fair, they need to pull $1 billion in net income out of their ass, not lose it.

If puts weren't so fucking expensive, I would be yoloing on them, but this valuation makes me want to pull a Citadel and pull their valuation down to the ground.

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