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Whose the main demographic for LCID?

Real talk. Whose the main demographic for LCID??

Like most youths want to be driving what their favorite basketball player or musician is driving… I don’t think you’ll be hearing rappers singing about driving their Lucid down boulevard with two baddies in the back.

And I don’t think major celebrities will be getting behind this vehicle since it’s doesn’t have much a status symbol like a BMW, Mercedes, porche, etc. does

And if you’re a playboy, you would much prefer a lambo or a Ferrari

And if you’re in the ultra rich category that absolute loves a well finished vehicle, you would buy a rolls Royce

And if you’re in the lower class, you won’t be able to afford the 100k price tag on the lucid, so you’re opting for a Toyota or a Honda

And if you’re in the middle class / working class, you’ll probably still on a budget that’s under 100k. So you’ll be looking for something that is more functional for work and family, like a truck or an SUV

If you’re a EV enthusiast / purist straight to the core, you’ll go for a Tesla

And if you’re a foreigner, like Chinese or Korean, you’ll gravitate naturally towards a bmw, Mercedes, or a Tesla (I know because I’m Asian).

So with all that said, the only crowd that I can think of is old people. Old people who are disconnected with trends and disconnected with social statuses, who doesn’t care about all the things mentioned above. Old people, who are already retired and have 100k.

Sure they won motor cars of the year, but do you know who won the last two years? It was Kia, and you don’t see people screaming and celebrating that fact. And frankly, I still don’t see many kia’s on the road.

It’s funny that they have a model called the ‘dream’, but I don’t think this is anyone’s dream car…

You won’t be seeing David Dobrik on YouTube click baiting his subscribers by giving away a Lucid car anytime time soon

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