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Why does that idiot Jim Cramer hate Cathie Wood?

Jim Cramer tweeted about Cathie Wood and/or ARK a total of 3 times before the ARK profile and growth stocks in general started to dip.

However starting Feb 23rd this year cocaine Jim suddenly became infatuated about Cathie taking shots both on his show and on twitter. Feb 23rd oddly coincides with the freefall of the ARK etfs. Ole cocaine Jim tweeted about Cathie and/or ARK 43 times between Feb 23rd, and the bottom on May 13th.

Oddly enough he's only posted once about ARK and/or Cathie since the profiles have started rebounding.

So is Jim just jealous of Cathie's success, or misogynistic? Certainly an odd coincidence that we only hear from him about her when things weren't looking good.

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