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Why Elon Musk Will Definitely Sell 10% of his stock

TL;DR. Elon has 14.8 billion dollars of tax due when he exercises his options (which he has to do before August 20th, 2022), he can significantly reduce the tax bill by billions of dollars by dropping the Tesla stock price. Selling 10% of his shares covers all of his taxes and leaves him roughly a billion dollars in cash to play with. Basically, he's using Twitter to lower his taxes.

Positions: straddles.

Edit: In regards to the question by u/SaladTossgaming on getting puts: I'm thinking about it as well but concerned about IV. Also, the gamma position on Nasdaq is insane, we may be in for a parabolic run. I wouldn't be surprised if Tesla goes to 2k. Would love other's opinions on this.

Edit 2: not bullish or bearish on tesla price. Simply commenting on the selling.

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