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Why Shorts/Institutions/MMs will always win – CLOV analysis

On 5/14/2021, BoA started to short CLOV, and on 5/17/2021 they downgraded the stock! How absurd is this? How do we even allow it?

This is just one of the institutions that does this, and image how much they pay for all these bad reports against companies? Now CLOV is under investigation based on short reports….but when will they start investigating these manipulations? Rich will always get richer huh?

Look at BOA Downgrade after Shorting CLOV

Now lets look at FINTEL and see which institutions are shorting $CLOV.

BOA is there huh? Citadel too? WOW. What a coincidence. What a surprise after Hindenburg's report.

Now lets look at Hindenburg, who are always going after any company looking to short. They have thousands of followers who will jump the ship and short it as well. Its funny how when GME took the squeeze they called it market manipulation, and came after US. Our CEO had to go on LIVES with news reporters, senate, and all else. But when they do this, it is not manipulation. Its part of the broken and corrupt system.

Anyways, if you listened to the CLOV earning call and this fraudulent report. You will see that they twist words just to manipulate the market and guess what? The SEC will never do anything.

Hindenburg and they CITADEL TIES…

Anyways, unfortunately, we will not get the squeeze we were expected for this week, but we should still be BULLISH in CLOV even after all this manipulation. May 21 calls had high volume, but MM's want to make their money, and they will never allow for a run.

The little guys(retail investors) can never win.

Hopefully…. one day this changes.

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