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Will Tilray skyrocket ?

The new German government Just confirmed they are about to legalize Weed for recreational use. Its estimated to be a 10b market.

I am not a finance guy so i m asking for your oppinion. But i study pharmaceutical chemistry and work for a global player in pharma so here are my thoughts on why Tilray might skyrocket. Like i previously said experts estimate the market to be 10bn/year. But i guess Germany will only sell weed produced by GMP standards (pharmaceutical Quality), but Germany signed an international agreement decades ago that forbids them to import Cannabis for recreational use.

And as far as I know the only companies growing weed in Germany unser GMP Conditions are Tilray and a German Start-up thats not listed on the stock exchange.

So I m thinking about buying some Tilrays… what Are your more educated thoughts on this ?

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