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Wingstop ($WING) has 11% growth in Twitter followers, 3% drop in stock price after denying that their special white sauce contains human ejaculate

One of the things I track is corporate Twitter followers, and I came across an interesting phenomenon this week.

It's no secret that companies hire teams of people to brainstorm, draft, and send tweets, but even with the millions of dollars spent on this process it is rare for corporate twitter accounts to have big spikes in followers. Wendy's can obviously tweet some witty stuff that will get lots of likes and retweets, but this usually doesn't motivate most people to sign up for extra ads on their timeline by actually following these accounts.

Wingstop, however, cracked the code on Wednesday by denying the presence of ejaculate in their special white sauce. On Wednesday, one customer tweeted "wingstop ranch gotta have nut in it no way it’s just that good" to which Wingstop replied "it's a special white sauce but it does not contain [nut]"

The rest of the conversation did not contain any more trade secrets on the Wingstop recipe, but it was notable in its own way.

Twitter screenshot

I rarely ever see companies with hundreds of thousands of followers (Wingstop has over 200k) receive over a 5% increase in Twitter followers over a week. Wingstop had a 10% gain in a matter of days.

The market seemingly reacted with disappointment to the lack of bodily fluids in the secret recipe as $WING fell 2% in the day following the exchange.

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