$WISH Bloomberg terminal says shirt float now even higher almost 50% and only 6 milk shares available to short vs 300 mill volume

![img](uuofg8sgrf471 "Now Why I think Wish is preparing to go to moon ? 1- It had a short float average (9M~ day) in the last 6 months, but for the last 10 days it's about 20M ~ Day. And as we all know, when the consolidation is done with a very a high volume, it's just the sound og the gas added to the rocket ! And now The breakout was done with 200M/300M Dayly volume, which is a tremendous Bullish sign.")

2- 40 % short interest, t's very high for a company with good fundamentals at the bottom

3- until now the big boys were adding shares, in the same time they were selling puts, and I you know institution will only sell puts when it thinks the company will go up or it's under-evaluated (so they will be more than happy if they got assigned).

4- Consider Best Buy in 2012, when everyone thought bankruptcy was inevitable and Best Buy stock had plunged from $40 to $10. Today, shares trade north of $100.

Consider Nintendo in 2013, when everyone thought the gaming titan had lost its magic touch and the stock also dropped from $40 to $10. Today, Nintendo stock trades above $60.
Or even Etsy for which the IPO price was 16$, the first day of trading went to 35$.
After that It went back to 6$ in 6 months

Well look at it now 167$ !!!

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