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$WISH Technical Moon Analysis Part 2 – 1 Week to lift off

The reversal after 111 days is now showing 5 green bars today gearing up for a breakout reversal next week. For momentum to gain traction, Algo bots can then comply with the Heikin trend. Pushing Wish above the $15 mark gains full attention from the Algos as this is a full confirmation of a trend change and then the big lots of block orders start rolling in once Wish breaks the all time high of $33. This is what pushes stocks to highs normal investors can't comprehend. Numerous spikes and consolidation happens on the way up as we have seen the past week of wish edging higher and higher.

I'm long around 21,000 shares on this around $11 entry as an average. I will be holding this as a high conviction play, win or lose i don't care. I know why i'm in at the first place. If you look at other WSB stocks current gains are 2500% and 1100% Year to date and Wish is 45% down year to date providing the most upside potential for the rest of the year. PS: I'm still holding half of my position in A.M.C 5000 shares total to reach above $100. Original purchase was 10,000 shares at $5.5.

We are at the bottom on Wish and the story is only just beginning….

WISH Technical Moon Analysis

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