WISH – The party is just beginning

Hedge Funds crowd out small shareholders while they buy the stock heavily. I’ve seen such a vile thing on the stock market a long time ago. So I moved my entire portfolio here because the stock was so oversold that I can’t find words for it.

Wish has an important mission. It is made for people who live on an average income of less than $ 70,000. In the country where I live, the average annual salary per person is less than $ 10,000. Many can’t buy $ 200 Nike shoes and $ 300 Beats earphones. It’s finally a stock that helps low-income people. Now is your chance to help.

Wish management


Wish fair value


The target price is between $ 46-138

If Wihs doesn’t achieve that, the CEO will lose plenty of shares.


101%, more than interesting. But then who shorts the stock?


Wish Local vs Amazon


Citadel shortens the stock. – I want them to go bankrupt.


Amazon wanted to buy it years ago.


Avory did an analysis, which is the point


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