WISH – This is the most important information about the stock

My post was banned two days ago due to market manipulation. Which is just funny because I gathered the information in one place. Of course, it’s not market manipulation that before yesterday, the 198 million free shares had a short ratio of 98 million.

Therefore, I will now and only share the information gathered over the months so that everyone can see exactly why there is potential in WISH.

The post does not qualify as financial advice, I have nearly 25,000 shares with an average entry price of 8.20.

I will start with the disadvantages to complete the picture:

Fake products

Unfortunately, there are counterfeit products that also use branding. In background conversations, I learned that WISH is spending a lot of money to make these companies disappear. The problem is that even if a Chinese supplier is banned, they register under a new name the next day and start selling the same garbage. A solution to this is expected by the end of the year, which will greatly increase fraud detection.

Controversial marketing cost

The fact that idiot products are coming up on Facebook was a conscious marketing decision in the past. The purpose of this was to list products that make you download the app because it’s so ridiculous or incredible. It was essential for growth, but it is no longer needed

The other is that the $ 30 million Lakers sponsorship is a clear waste of money, which makes me very angry. This money could have been spent much better.


Source: Avory and CO

Confirmed Wish, the lockup was already in May.

Source: Twitter

Short Volume Ratio

Source: Fintel

Wish fair value

Source: Simply Wall Street

Goal set by management

Source: SEC


Source: Fintel

The future strength of Wish is Local, which works very well

Source: Avory

Real growth potential

Source: Wish

Source: Wish

Disclosing Short Positions

Source: Fintel

Target market

Source: Avory

Revenue Per Employee

Source: Avory

Amazon wanted to buy Wish 5 years ago.


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