$WKHS Serious DD. You’ll be stunned.

Hello WSB. I’ll try to make this as simple as possible. 📝

DD will primarily focus on stock technicals and updated SI numbers for WKHS.

Quick facts I want to share:

• WKHS will be on S S R (Short Sale Restriction) today (Friday)

• WKHS hit a record high of short float yesterday (Details later)

For reference, last time WKHS was on S S R (June 7) it had a green close + rally.

WKHS along with the most popular WSB tickers had a rough day yesterday, but it seems Pre Market is optimistic for today! 📈

Now what encouraged me write this DD is Ortex’s “Short Squeeze” signal issued on WKHS earlier.


As a subscriber, I further looked into the SI numbers on the Ortex site.

Here’s the updated SI stats as of Yesterday:


And yep… Took me a while to soak those numbers in also… 🤯

Recently WKHS has been creating “higher lows” closing positive 3 of the last 4 trading days.

Yesterday, it showed major support at the $15 line.

With rising trading volume + mentions across social media platforms it truly seems like this could be the prime stock for a legitimate “squeeze”

So far it’s just gone up on momentum alone.

I also believe bears have run low on excuses to short

• Last week: WKHS got a downgrade from Cowen

• Earlier this week: RIDE flash crashed and bears expected it to ripple into WKHS

• Yesterday was probably their best bet for downside movement (CPI data fears)

And yet, all in all, WKHS has held steady (+5% week over week)

Upside potential is just TOO great for me.

I am personally loaded with 30k shares and averaging!

Anyway, I should stop now as I’m on mobile and it’s getting late so if that seemed quick I apologize!

To make up for it I looked up the SI stats for the “Daily Popular Tickers” (via Ortex) $CLOV $CLNE $BB

Here: https://imgur.com/a/M7ykBQC

Enjoy!!! 🦍

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