Yo all you Chickens, stop selling your $BB shares… Here’s why…

All these chickens selling Blackberry. So sad to see.

All these bagholders from January thinking they made literally only 10's of dollars by selling at $17-$18 and happy they "got out" are just plain dumb, makes me laugh but also kind of happy. We don't need em. They'll get FOMO and buy back in at $25 and help the cause next week!

BB was almost certainly going to pull back today to mid $14's.
BUT if we hold and get back up to yesterday's high, it's gotta trap (ie. SCREW) a lot of shorters. Screw those guys I want to see them rot and lose all their money for being idiots.

The way is TO BUY SHARES, not contracts. Get the volume back up.

Get it people, the BB train is in the station waiting to leave. Matter of time today, Monday, Tuesday. Break that $19 or so mark (USD) and you'll see it take offffffff.

Added to my position yesterday and even more today. Shares shares shares.
$BB gonna be fun to watch the ride up to high 20's and then rocket ship to high $40's and then on the way to $100+ … Price now means tons of gains to be made!! Wheeeeee

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