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Zim is a public Israeli cargo shipping company. It has a 0.45% market share with a p/e of 2. It has a p/fcf ratio of 3. The shipping industry has increased production by 600% over the last year and is continuing to have insanely high demand. The industry has a current TAM of $1.5 trillion and is expected to grow 50% over the next 2 years. This stock has rallied a bit after earnings but jts still not too late to buy. They also have announced a 17% dividend on Dec 15. With an ROE of 215% this shit is making me horny. They also have Gross margins of 57%. And an inventory turnover of almost 50X. They have a current ratio of 1.8 meaning they r very liquid. The average days outstanding for inventory is a close to 8 meaning that they're shit sells fast. They have a total debt / ebitda ratio of 0.6 meaning they have very little debt compared to theyr pretax income


The shipping industry had obviously suffered over the course of the pandemic and had rebounded sharply, however the prices recently have been getting higher than snoop dogg. So it is a good inflation hedge and there r still some countries that haven't opened up they're ports yet for trade. We also have supply chain issues, once they get sorted out ( as they r rn) this stonk will be an absolute fucking tendie printer.

Disclaimer * This is not financial advice it is just a dumbass degenerates thoughts, I am in no way licensed to give advice so invest at yo own risk*

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