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$ZM PUTS is the next easy play

I'm a bull at heart, but i'll turn into a gay bear if it means i'll get cashed out.

$ZM has skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic since it's labeled as a pandemic play. What happened to $PTON is a foreshadowing of what's to come to the stock come Nov.22 on their earnings date.

You may be saying that $PTON and $ZM are in two different markets, which is true. BUT they are both a one trick pony that had a bull run due to the pandemic.

Next year major companies are having their employees return back to the office. Zoom meetings aren't going to be heavily used. Yes there are still people who are going to be working from home but it doesn't come close to justify Zoom's current share price.

More vaccines are coming out that are fighting the covid BS. These pandemic plays are done.

Before the pandemic, Zoom was trading under $100.

They may MAY beat earnings, but their future forecast doesn't appear to be promising. It will likely crush their stock price down to earth's core.


** EDIT: OPTIONS I HOLD $250P 11/26 & $250P 12/03

Also, I should mention that they are lacking innovation on a competitive market. What do they have to offer that Microsoft's TEAMS , SLACK, and GOOGLE connect doesn't offer?

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