Watch: An Enraged Peter Navarro Describes Being Arrested And Shackled Over Misdemeanor J6 Indictment

Watch: An Enraged Peter Navarro Describes Being Arrested And Shackled Over Misdemeanor J6 Indictment

Former Trump adviser and Director of Trade Peter Navarro is livid after the Biden DOJ arrested him at a DC-area airport prior to a scheduled flight to Nashville, Tennessee, for telling the House January 6 committee to pound sand over a subpoena.

In a recently filed lawsuit challenging the J6 Committee, Navarro disclosed that he had been commanded to appear before a DC grand jury, as well as turn over all documents requested by the J6 Committee “including but not limited to any communications with formal [sic] President Trump and/or his counsel or representative.”

Who are these people? This is not America,” Navarro said during his arraignment, adding: “I was with distinguished public servants for four years. Nobody ever questioned my ethics.”

Outside, the 72-year-old explained that he’d been hauled in and shackled.

“Instead of coming to my door where I live – which by the way, is right next to the FBI. Instead of calling me and saying ‘hey, we need you down at court, we’ve got a warrant for you’ – I’d have gladly come. What did they do? They intercepted me getting on a plane, and then they put me in handcuffs, they bring me here, they put me in leg irons, they stick me in a cell … that’s punitive.”

“What they did to me today violated the constitution,” he continued.

Former White House adviser Stephen Miller had Navarro’s back.

As did Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

Others pointed out that former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder did the same thing and was held in contempt of Congress without similar treatment.

Rudy Giuliani called it shameful.

 In Navarro’s lawsuit, he argues that his responsibilities to the Trump White House should be taken into consideration.

“Given the economic and national security ramifications of a possibly stolen election, I worked diligently in my official capacity as a government official within the White House and as a senior White House adviser to help the president and other senior advisers navigate what appeared to be the most sophisticated assault on American democracy ever perpetrated,” reads the filing.

Tyler Durden
Sat, 06/04/2022 – 22:00

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